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The team at Vitec Microgenix came together nearly 20 years ago. The founding principle of the company was to develop cutting-edge antimicrobial technology to protect the indoor environment from microbes. This concept was unique 20 years ago and remains unique today.

Our vision is a future where buildings are virtually self-sanitising. Where the concept of hygiene is built into the very fabric of the building, creating safe, healthy, sustainable indoor environments. .

“Relying on humans to clean buildings is outdated; to protect against the growing microbial threat, smart self-sanitising buildings are the future”

Scott Perkins, CEO

Disinfect and protect by Vitec Microgenix

Antimicrobial Surface Coating

Our revolutionary VSC1000 antimicrobial forms an invisible surface coating with eliminates microbes on contact. A single application can be effective for up to 12 months. Easily applied, and easy to maintain. Give your family, employees and customers the protection they deserve

Atom by Vitec Microgenix

Atom Air Purification

Atom is unlike any other air purifier on the market. Designed specifically to remove microbes, Atom eradicates microbes rather than merely capturing them. This mean purer air and less filter changes. Quiet, sleek and effective Atom brings peace of mind into the home or work environment.

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Vitec Microgenix Business Solutions

Commercial HVAC Solutions

Providing safe spaces for employees, customers and patients is an emerging problem for businesses and institutions. Whatever the size, shape or use of your building, Vitec Microgenix can engineer a bespoke solution for you. Speak to our specialist sales team to find out more.

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