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Vitec Microgenix

For nearly 20 years the team at Vitec Microgenix have been pioneers in viral, bacterial and fungal control technologies. We believe in a future where technology allows buildings to sanitise themselves.

Vitec’s products integrate into the very fabric of a building and are scientifically proven to protect against 99.9% of harmful microbes. Our products sanitise both air and surfaces meaning your building is protected from microbes all of the time, not just some of the time.

“Relying on humans to clean buildings is outdated; to protect against the growing microbial threat, smart self-sanitising buildings are the future”

Scott Perkins, CEO
Disinfect and protect by Vitec Microgenix

Disinfect and Protect

Our most popular service. Designed for businesses and residential properties alike, the primary goal of the Disinfect & Protect service is to provide up to 12 months of surface hygiene with minimal disruption. Give your family, employees and customers the protection they deserve

Atom by Vitec Microgenix


Our plug & go air purification unit. Don’t be fooled by its size, the technology that powers Atom is the same as the technology currently protecting warships and large commercial buildings. Quiet, sleek and effective Atom brings peace of mind into the home or work environment.

Vitec Microgenix Business Solutions

Commercial solutions

Providing safe spaces for employees, customers and patients is an emerging problem for businesses and institutions. Whatever the size, shape or use of your building, Vitec Microgenix can engineer a bespoke solution for you. Speak to our specialist sales team to find out more.

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