Construction Materials

Vitec Microgenix protects the fabric of a building from microbial degradation improving lifespan and reducing life cycle costs.

Buildings are under constant attack from microbes, from the bacteria in concrete, to mould in organic materials such as wood. Some symptoms of microbial degradation are obvious, such as discolouration on the outside of the building envelope, but some are hidden such as Microbial Induced Concrete Corrosion. Microbes weaken materials and require constant maintenance.

Observe our commercial case studies for more information about how our products benefit your industry.

Case study – Cleanliness of commercial spaces (with the Vitec air purification system)

We completed a study in an office space in which many of the occupants had been complaining about respiratory irritation.

We measured the microbial load of the space before installing two of our Vitec air purification systems. Measurements of the microbial load were taken again after just a short while of the VAPS being installed, the measurements had decreased by 84%. 3 days after the units were removed, another measurement of microbial load was taken in the office. The measurements had rapidly begun to increase once again.

This shows the effectiveness of VAPS in any indoor space, it is an easy and effective way to improve the overall health of the people who occupy our spaces.