Case studies

Vitec Microgenics antimicrobial products have proven, study after study, to dramatically increase the levels of hygiene in any indoor area.

Whilst we recognise that cleaning and deep cleaning can eradicate many harmful microbes, the rate at which the microbes return to the air and surfaces between cleaning is rapid. Vitec’s range of antimicrobial products are essential in preventing the spread of harmful viruses and bacteria by sanitising air and surfaces between cleans. Using the Vitec Microgenix technology saves time and money and significantly improves your hygiene levels.

Case study 1 – Preventing an outbreak

In Lewisham hospital there was an outbreak of aspergillius. 7 spaces across the hospital were tested for their microbial loads.

One of those spaces was room 23, which had been treated with Vitec products, resulting in the lowest spread of the outbreak. All other rooms/hospital spaces with the same exposure, tested significantly higher for the spread of microbial load. This shows us that Vitec products are undoubtedly effective in intercepting the spread of infectious microbes.

Case study 2 – Cleanliness of commercial spaces (with the Vitec air purification system)

We completed a study in an office space in which many of the occupants had been complaining about respiratory irritation.

We measured the microbial load of the space before installing two of our Vitec air purification systems. Measurements of the microbial load were taken again after just a short while of the VAPS being installed, the measurements had decreased by 84%. 3 days after the units were removed, another measurement of microbial load was taken in the office. The measurements had rapidly begun to increase once again.

This shows the effectiveness of VAPS in any indoor space, it is an easy and effective way to improve the overall health of the people who occupy our spaces.

Case study 3 – Improving air quality in an operating theatre

We conducted a study in an operating theatre that was already using ducted HEPA filtration.

We proceeded to install 4 of our free standing VAPS units. Much like the results in our office space case study, the microbial load of the space decreased dramatically (over 40%) in a short space of time, showing that Vitec products are extremely efficient in reducing the spread of microbes and keeping a space as sterile as possible.

Case study 4 – Hospital bedsheets (useful for hospitality textiles also)

Bristol University completed a study using our products to clean bedsheets from a hospital, they were tested in one of Europe’s most popular commercial laundry appliances and washed repeatedly over a period of 12 months.

The results showed that as little as 1% of our solution included in the detergent ensured that the antimicrobial nanotechnology was active in the sheets for up to 80 washes, massively increasing sterility and reducing the chance for spread of infection.

This would also be massively beneficial for hospitality and leisure sectors who also provide services that include the use of bedsheets, napkins, robes, towels and other reusable, interchangeable textiles.